At Looloo’s we always want our customers to enjoy the utmost flavour from our coffee beans. We go to enormous trouble to make sure we select the right coffees and ensure that they are meticulously and consistently roasted every week!

In order to retain the best flavour in your coffee beans it is always better that the beans are ground as closely as possible to the time of brewing. This keeps the coffee fresher and means more flavour goes into your cup, apart from the fact that you also get the bonus of smelling the wonderful fleeting aromas that are released when the coffee beans are ground. 

When it comes to grinding for espresso coffee, it’s absolutely essential to grind it yourself in order to successfully extract a decent shot. Coffee grounds are hygroscopic. This means they absorb moisture in the air very quickly and as a result they expand and it makes it almost impossible to make a consistent shot if all your coffee is pre-ground.  Accordingly we do not recommend pre-ground coffee for espresso as it would not be in your coffee’s best interests!